Vacation on Vacation

Hello dear blog readers,

Here we are again with the update of our vacation! We started with the birthday party of Stijn in Ndola. He invited some friends over at a bar where there was good food, a campfire and some live music. We spent the night in Ndola, which was handy as we had to take the bus to Lusaka the next morning. After a few hours of sleep we jumped on our bus. First stop: Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. After we arrived after a six-hour drive, we decided to ignore the 1.000 taxi drivers harassing us and walked to our hostel. During this walk, we passed a marvellous temple. As our bags were heavy and our feet tired, we didn’t really take the time to admire it. Once we arrived in the hostel we freshened up, relaxed a bit and unpacked the necessary stuff for the night and set out for the city again. Now we had the time to stop by the temple and take a good look at it. It was a gigantic Hindu temple, with beautiful detailed decorations. We were surprised to see this building, because first of all we didn’t know there was a big Hindu community and secondly it was weird to see such a big and fancy building in Zambia. While admiring this elegant architecture, some Hindus spotted us and insisted that we took a look inside. Of course this was an offer we couldn’t refuse. Kishan and his uncle showed us around in this gorgeous temple and we were allowed to attend a service where we were offered delicious food afterwards.

The next day we had to leave the hostel early in the morning to take another bus to Livingstone; our final destination for this week. After a long journey we arrived in our charming lodge. The owner was a lovely lady who took good care of us and gave us advice on the places to visit.

6 o’clock Wednesday morning: the alarm goes off. We are all set to see the sun rise on the Victoria Falls. Once arrived we were speechless. No one of us had ever seen something so magnificent and colossal. After an hour we were intercepted by a local guide. He proposed to walk along the edge of the falls. It was a rough hike on the stones and in the Zambezi river to reach the lip of the falls but it was certainly worth it. The view was breath-taking. The boys even swam in the devil’s pool; rock pools on the edge of the falls. Probably it is kind of a tourist trap but we certainly had a unique view and adventure there. We had such a good time that we stayed at the falls until 16 o’clock. We just couldn’t take our eyes of this amazing phenomenon.

Not much sleep was gained as the next day we went to Chobe national park in Botswana. We crossed the border and we went on a two-day safari. We were told that it would be exceptional to see a lion or a leopard in the daytime as they are nightly predators. However, only an hour after we entered the park we already saw two lions. We could follow them for some hours when they were hunting for some boars and impala’s and failed miserably. We had so much luck because we saw at least 15 lions during the two days. Furthermore we also saw lots of elephants, impala’s, giraffes,… and the most colourful birds we had ever seen. However, unfortunately we found no leopards. When the sun began to set, the nature looked splendid, we started driving deeper and deeper into the bush, towards our sleeping-place. We would camp one night in the Chobe park and then continue our game drive the next morning. The camping place was really basic; tents, no real sanitary facilities, no electricity or water. Flo felt home, she was instantly happy! Scouts girls are always prepared! Our guide made a campfire and some cooks prepared delicious food. During the night we could hear wild animals growl in the distance.

After these two amazing days of safari we headed back to our lodge to spent our last night in Livingstone. We were exhausted after these two intensive days and decided to go to bed early. When we were relaxing in the garden we heard some noises from what sounded like a concert. We quickly wanted take a look because it sounded like the music was coming from some place nearby. Nothing was further from the truth; we ended up walking for at least half an hour; just trusting our guts, or Andreas, and following the sound. The place we finally reached wasn’t a concert like we would expect. It was a crusade. Some man calling himself a prophet was preaching to the people, telling them to pray to God to heal them, to bring them prosperity and money. He prayed for the people who had HIV and told them to go and take an HIV test the next day as they would be cured in the name of Jesus Christ.

The next morning was one of the first times we could sleep out. It was our last morning in Livingstone so we decided to take the last bus to Lusaka. This bus, however, was three hours late. This could be a problem because the drivers in Zambia are scared of driving in the dark – there is no street lighting – and we were told that buses cannot drive after 21h. We were a little bit stressed that we would not arrive in Lusaka on time and that we would have to spend the night in the bus or in a small village on the way. Luckily our driver kept driving and we would finally arrive in Lusaka at 22h30. We quickly ate something at the mall and then go straight to our bed in the hostel.

The next morning we relaxed and went to a small craft market. We all bought a lot of souvenirs there and became masters in bargaining… at least some of us.

Then it was time to go back home (to the home away from home). We are glad to be back at Kamutamba!20629207_1521950987866402_1490775215_o20629256_1521950937866407_209794403_o20642259_1521951041199730_1282426466_o20630113_1521950921199742_986581657_o20662519_1521951017866399_475114895_o

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