Home away from Home

Welcome to the blog of the Kamutamba project! Every now and then, we will give you an overview about our findings and accomplishment in Zambia so far.

Bart and Brent arrived in Zambia almost two weeks ago and got to know the country a little better.  During a few days they visited the capital, Lusaka, and the touristic heart of Zambia, Livingstone. After a visit to the waterfalls and an exciting two-day safari in Botswana, they travelled back to Lusaka to meet with Jannis en Nikki. On Saturday the 25th of June, the team finally arrived in Ibenga. The practical part of the project could finally begin!

During the first days in Ibenga, we have had the honor to meet a lot of interesting people: Stijn and Katleen – managers of the Kamutamba project – took their time to show us around and explain in detail what the current shortcomings and challenges are, Mr. Chitambala (in short Mr. Green) – one of the members of the IGA (Income Generating Activities) committee of the hospital –  shared his view on how to do business in Zambia and especially the Ibenga region, The sisters of the hospital who gave us a warm welcome and support us in our efforts to increase their financial situation, and many more.

Our stay so far has been a rollercoaster of experiences: when meeting locals, we learned that white people share a common nickname ‘Muzungu’, which means ‘white man’. Most of us also learned to appreciate the most popular local dish ‘nshima’, made from maize flour and water. We got used to the daily power cuts and learned that the winters in Zambia guarantee better weather than the summers at home.

During our first week, we invested a major part of the collected money in the drilling of a water well, the installation of a water pump and the provision of a water tank. To complete the picture, we bought an irrigation system that has a connection to the water tank and allows our agricultural business to flourish, even in the dry season!

We would like to thank Averbode Abbey, Wereld Missie Hulp and all of our contributors! Without their support, we would not have been able to make these investments for the agricultural IGA.

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